The Judiciary, the third branch of Palau’s government, has been closed down to “minimize the risk of spreading the virus” according to COVID-19 Directive No. 20-03 issued on April 2, 2020 by Acting Chief Justice John K. Rechucher.

The directive states that court complexes in Koror and Melekeok will be closed to public starting April 2 until April 17th.

Clerk of Courts will be closed and all filings will be done electronically.  Law libraries will also be closed and people needing the law library services are directed to online source and contact.

“In light of this development and consistent with recommendations from World Health Organization among other entities, for reducing the spread of COVID-19, I determine that it is in the best interests of the Court and public to further curtail the Judiciary for the next two weeks,” states Acting Chief Justice John K. Rechucher.

Only emergency or scheduled proceeding may continue based on each presiding Judge or Justice.

Any documents or services provided by the Clerk of Courts such as birth certificates, notary services and other services won’t be available until April 20th.