October 27, 2020. “Ng ungil luldasu el kirel a telecheroll el merael mei el kirel a klengar er tir me a beluu”. This was one of the sentiments expressed by Kayangel landowner Obakerusong Teruo Chokai last October 21 at a meeting with the Palau Conservation Society (PCS) board and staff.
As one of only two atoll islands in Palau, the atoll forests and strand vegetation of Kayangel are unique to Palau’s forests. These atoll forests are refuge to Palau’s biggest population of the endangered Palau megapbode (bekai) and the beaches provide critical nesting areas for the critically endangered Hawksbill turtle (ngasch) and the endangered Green turtle (melob). The atoll environment is home to a wide range of species, from migratory shore birds like the Greater Crested Tern or Roall, to forest birds like the endangered Bekai. Various factors such as development and ecosystem degradation from climate change, have threatened the exclusive terrestrial environment of Kayangel.
The PCS board and staff along with Governor Richard Ngiraked met with three landowners at the Kayangel State Office, namely Obakerusong Teruo Chokai, Obakerakelau Eos Ruluked, and Damiana Smand, to discuss the progression of plans to protecting Kayangel’s environment.
The landowners signed their respective conservation rights of their lands to PCS to ensure preservation of their unique landscapes and that the security of endangered species populations is sustained well into the future. .
PCS board member Sinton Soalablai emphasized the importance of preserving the environment for generations to come. “Students play in these ecosystems everyday, we should keep this special connection strong. They have become ambassadors of their island”.
The PCS Board of Directors with heartfelt appreciation, recognize the commitment of the people of Kayangel toward conservation and the strong community partnership that has been shared for over 25 years.

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