By Francis Talasasa , Reporter

“All states should come and work together in support to achieve a common interest when come to strengthening our local government system in our states,” said Governor of Kayangel Midas Ngiracheluolu during the Local Government Strengthening Workshop held recently.


He pointed out issues each state had, regarding different constitutions it has, making it difficult to carry out services properly when come to block grant allocations. Since the system is all different one and all, there is no proper link that connects to create direct contact within a downstream processing baseline. This must be seriously considered, he said.

Another example he raised with his colleague of Governors is an idea to support each other toward engaging technical resource people that would deal with key matters. He said the Governors have made discussions and agreed that they will put their commitment when hiring auditors and legal advisers and others.

Meanwhile, they are calling on the national Government to reconsider and take note of the challenges that the state system is facing.

The Governors of the participating state have discussed a step to carry out action plans which are set during the workshop and they will be brought forward to gain further attention.

He said he is happy and looked forward to working together with the Bureau of Domestic Affairs for what the Governors and members have shared so far and is looking forward to a broader look to strengthen the capacity and roles of the leaders who are serving the state government. [/restrict]