Partnership for the Environment: Kayangel Developer Conducts Beach Cleanup Over the weekend, Grand Legend Int’l Asset Mgmt Group Co., Ltd, a Kayangel developer, sponsored and conducted a cleanup effort in Palau’s northernmost state.

The developer conducted the cleanup as a public private partnership with the Kayangel State Government and Midcorp, and with assistance from volunteers from Koror. The developer’s staff and volunteers collected over 70 large garbage bags of trash from the east coast of Kayangel, which was slammed by Typhoon Surigae in April.

The developer, which has a long term lease on Ngerbelas Island, wanted to demonstrate to the citizens of Kayangel that it wants to be a long term partner to the people of Kayangel in keeping the state’s environmental treasures pristine. The company’s project coordinator explained to volunteers that Grand Legend was drawn to invest in Kayangel by the unique sustainable relationship between the island’s people and its land and environment.

Grand Legend believes that by contributing to a beautiful and clean environment, it can contribute to the benefit of Kayangel’s people as a responsible partner. Grand Legend donated over 450 pounds of rice to support the island’s residents in the wake of the typhoon. Lazarus Meyar, a Kayangel State Ranger, expressed that keeping the beaches clean is an ongoing challenge since collected waste must be transported off the island for disposal due to the absence of a trash compactor.

Grand Legend’s cleanup group transported all the collected waste off island for proper disposal at the national landfill

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