On March 26, 2022, the Ngaraard State Government in partnership with the Palau National Olympic Committee and the Australian Embassy in Palau, hosted its first Kerradel Beach Games at Kuabes Park. Each of the 5 counties of Ngaraard were well represented by a total number of 59 youth participants competing in the following sport: Archery, Beach Volleyball and Beach Wrestling.

To commence the Games Governor Sharp Sakuma and Delegate Gibson Kanai each gave brief motivation messages to the youth and further challenged them to take advantage of the opportunity of the 1st Kerradel Beach Games. It is through these events our youth get to build better and stronger relationship amongst themselves, raise awareness to fight obesity in our youth population and encourage motivation and good competition in the sport community of our state.

The whole day sport competition concluded where each medal earned by a county was tallied for overall points for the winning trophy. Elab County claimed victory as it placed 1st with an overall 10 Gold, 1 Silver and 2 bronze medals. Ngkeklau and Choll came in 2nd and 3rd respectively, followed by Ngebuked County and Ulimang County.

This event was made possible by the following sponsors and partners:

  1. Office of the Governor
  2. Ngaraard State Government
  3. Palau National Olympic Committee
  4. PacificAUS Sports
  5. Australian Embassy, Palau
  6. Dilngebuked Inc., Ngaraard State
  7. Legislator Leon Debengek
  8. Hana Ingais

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