Kids swept top spots in the 11th Etpison Cup’s kick-off event, the Open Water Swim competition, on April 28.

Twenty-five participants with age range of 8 to 60 years old compete it out on their respective categories in the 500, 1,500, and 5,000 LC meter freestyle events.

Top finisher for the 500 LC meter freestyle event was Yuri Hosei, 12, who completed the event with a record of 10:59.00. Ten-year old Momilani Polloi came in next with a record of 13:23.00 followed by Brendan Keane who finished it up at 15:20:00.

Jion Hosei,10, also took the lead in the 1,500 LC meter freestyle event with a record of 31:25:00, tailed by 9-year old Jace Borja at 36:05.00 record who was followed by Charlie Gibbons, 8, with a 36:15.00 record.

Meanwhile, Shae Gaymann came in first with a record of 1:20:34 for the 5,000 LC meter event followed by Chilton Osisang at 1:23:00. Roylin Akiwo came in third with a record of 1:32.14.

This is the third year that the open water swimming competition was incorporated in the Etpison Cup.

Other events such as the standard paddle-boarding events, long-distance run, short sprints, canoeing, and fishing derby for this year’s Etpison Cup will be staged next weekend, May 5th and 6th. (Rhealyn C. Pojas/Reporter)