Justice David Lambourne (right), pictured with Sir John Baptist Muri, former chief justice of the high court of Kiribati. Lambourne was suspended in May. Photograph: Pacific Islands Legal Information Institute

TARAWA, 01 JULY 2022 (RADIO KIRIBATI) — On Thursday the 30 June, the appointment warrant for Kiribati Chief Justice William K Hasting was suspended pending an investigation by the Tribunal as to his ability and behaviour while in office. This means that the Kiribati High Court does not have a Chief Justice until further notice. 

 The Kiribati Law Society Council said it respects the decision of the Government under the Constitution that provides the President with powers to suspend the appointment of judges of the High Court pending an enquiry. 

However, the Council is concerned on how long this will take especially given the Chief Justice just took office not long ago. In addition, disposal of Court cases will be affected again. 

The Council invited lawyers to continue doing their legal services and supports the administration of justice…. PACNEWS

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