The only thing more dangerous than ignorance is arrogance while remaining stupid.  ~Anonymous

I’ve addressed personal boundaries in this column a few times before.  I’ve also talked about emotional detachment and many aspects and dimensions of our being -spirit,  soul,  and body, our mind and will – to stay in my little corner of the world in peace.

Usually when I discern a storm is on its way that could suck me into chaos, power struggles and war of words, l’m compelled to strengthen my boundaries. And be still and give them all to GOD.  Stand ppfirm and know full well that God can and will fight for me. I don’t need to win every argument. I don’t need to be anything with those who are subconsciously rejecting me.  I choose peace in the midst of the storm.

As I’ve mentioned before, this column has been more or less a journal of my healing journey.  I know that I will not arrive in perfection in this life but in the next.

 “The road is long with many winding turn”.  I’ve learned to discipline my mind, regulate my emotions and stay true to my heart and stay out of toxic twister storms – the tornado.

Personal boundaries… are so important especially in a symbiotic culture such as ours. So we learn to draw our boundaries. This is where I begin and ends.  I will not allow how anyone’s personal choices affect my thought life. This is to avoid unnecessary stress in life. I’ve learned not to fear judgment. I don’t have to form any opinion about anything or anyone especially where they are within their personal boundaries. I choose to respect your choice. This is definitely difficult as we as people of shame based culture, we want to maintain a persona, the perfect mask, the look of perfect reputation when we are far from perfect. We are so afraid of judgment that we live our lives to please the idea of perfection- a lie.  Yes it’s been a long journey.

It may sound selfish but it is really a loving your neighbor as your self. It is about respecting others and their boundaries more than anything. End result is peace.

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