South Korea, one of the four countries vying to host World Expo 2030 in Busan, is pitching for support from the Pacific Island countries.  The other three contenders are Saudi Arabia, Rome and Ukraine. 

World Expo is a world fair showcasing exhibitions of nations’ achievements.  South Korea’s World Expo Busan 2030 is focused on the theme, “Transforming our World, Navigating Toward Better Future.”

With its track record in technological and digital innovations, Korea is bringing technological advancements to the World Expo 2030 as solutions for climate challenges, sustainable living, and bridging the gap between economic growth and human welfare.  It will be the first World Expo that incorporates climate change into its programs and theme.

For example, one of the main features of its 2030 exhibitions will be a self-sustaining floating island to address challenges relating to rising sea levels, one of the impacts of climate change, using technological innovations.

The country is renovating, and repurposing the city of Busan’s north port as the site of the 2030 World Expo, incorporating innovations and ideas to showcase a forward-looking and resilient community.

The Expo Busan 2030 incorporates Metaverse in its platform to allow for everyone to participate.  It aims to use and showcase carbon-neutral feature innovations at the venue and creating a venue that is inclusive of all that seeks to be part of the Expo.

Each country has a sovereign right to vote for a host of the World Expo.  So far, in the Pacific, only Palau and Tonga have voiced support for Saudi Arabia.  Other Pacific Island countries are leaning toward Korea but with the vote in November, nothing is firmed at this time.  Responses to the request to President Whipps to elaborate on his choice was not received before this went to print.

179 member states are members of the Board of International Expos (BIE), which selects a host for each Expo.  The vote will be held in November of this year.

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