Korean dentists attending to a patient at the Melekeok State Office during the last day of their mission in Palau on July 25. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)

Philanthropic doctors from Korea spend their vacation in a more meaningful way by conducting a four-day medical mission in Palau that benefited around 700 patients.

Fueled by their personal cause to extend medical aid to areas that need special medical services, eight physicians and two dentists from South Korea pooled their resources together and used money from their own pockets to support the medical mission that was held in Melekeok from July 22-25. Some private organizations in Korea had also supported the mission through donations, Dr. Hyun-Seung Kim, the senior doctor and leader of the mission, said.

Dr. Hyun-Seung Kim said that their group had been conducting medical missions in different countries such as Cambodia, Kazakstan, Nepal, Palau and Solomon Islands. The mission in Palau this year is their tenth but it is also their second time conducting it here after the one they launched in 2017.

The Korean doctors have different specializations ranging from cardiology, pediatrics, surgery, and gastroenterology, among others.

The doctors had brought equipment from Korea including medicines that are good for the use of 3,000 people.

“They (the doctors) like to have this kind of activity…to do something for the people who need our service,” Dr. Hyun-Seung Kim said.

Chang Sung International Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Yang Sung Ouk, who coordinated the logistics for the mission in Palau, said that the Korean doctors simply have “a strong sense of their medical mission.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Hyun-Seung Kim said that they are always willing to extend services to countries who asked for their help, adding that he is thankful for the government of Palau for facilitating the easy and free entry of their equipment and medicines here.

Another doctor who is part of the mission, Sang In Lee, said that they appreciate the hospitality of the locals. Dr. Lee added that after the medical mission, they will spend two days touring Palau and visiting the Rock Islands. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)