Palau Conservation Society (PCS) Communication and Outreach Manager Heather Ketebengang (left) during the workshop on ocean stewardship.

In support and collaboration with the Ministry of Education (MOE), Palau Conservation Society (PCS) Communication and Outreach Manager, Heather Ketebengang, visited the grounds of Palau High School where MOE’s 25th Education Convention took place on Wednesday, July 24.

Ms. Ketebengang and MOE’s education specialists facilitated the “Inspiring Ocean Stewardship Through Action-based Ocean Education” workshop for 7th and 9th grade teachers from all public schools in Palau.

The workshop was aimed to educate and equip teachers to integrate and perform a designed lesson plan with an objective to inspire Palau’s youth to become future ocean stewards and conservationists.

The effort begins through the teachers, who serve as role models and who students look up to in education.

With 24 teachers in attendance, Ms. Ketebengang reported that the workshop was a success especially because of the passion that teachers exhibited and their active participation in workshop activities and discussions. “This project is the beginning of a meaningful activity that will not only provide valuable information about plastic pollution in Palau, but also inspire students to care, to act, and to protect the environment” said Ketebengang.

Beginning this 2019-2020 school year, seventh graders will conduct clean-up activities where the students will collect and segregate trash, and collect data on the types of trash collected. 9th grade students in the environmental science class will become citizen scientists by studying and analyzing the microplastics as part of the Big Microplastic Survey – a global effort to study microplastics around the world. Through education and awareness, PCS and MOE are looking forward to seeing students engage in this community-based work that will instill the desire to care, act, and protect Palau for their generation and for future generations. PCS’ Ocean Stewardship initiative is made possible by the generous support of Global Green grants, PCS Corporate Partners for Conservation, and the Republic of Palau. (PR)