By: L.N. Reklai

July 28, 2017 (Ngarchelong, Palau) A team of medical doctors from Paju Hospital in South Korea sees 353 patients at the Ngarchelong dispensary in four days.

Cardiologist, radiologist, dentist, and orthopaedic doctors and nurses from Paju hospital arrived Palau with their equipment as part of their outreach mission providing medical services to other countries last July 23.


In four days, citizens and residents of Babeldoab States, especially Ngarchelong, Ngaraard, Ngiwal, Kayangel, Melekeok and Ngardmau took advantage of free medical service in Ngarchelong.

Many of those that came to avail of the service were elderly folks that have difficult time just travelling to Koror for services and took advantage of closer available service.

Other middle age residents say they were just glad to get checked up without having to spend a lot of time and money to get basic medical checkup.

“I saved about $100 dollars coming here,” stated one of male patients. “That’s how much it will cost me to go Koror for whole day for check up and for medicine.”

A lady patient added that the service was very fast and very efficient. “Each doctor has a nurse and they are always rushing to get the job done, no chitchatting.”

Children were also brought in for routine check-ups as well and given vitamins.

The services include test of blood sugar level, electrocardiogram, check-up of vital organs such as liver, pancreas, kidneys and gall bladder using ultrasound machine and a check up by orthopaedic doctor. EKG results were reviewed by the cardiologist Dr. Kim and results were interpreted and recommendations made for each patient.

Asked how they heard of Palau, Dr. Hyun-Seung Kim, the Superintendent of Paju Hospital and a teamleader, said they were introduced to Palau by a Korean businessman.

“We do medical missions each year to different countries.  We’ve been to countries in east Asia such as Cambodia, in China and Russia and others and when we were introduced to Palau, we decided to bring the mission to Palau this year,” stated Dr. Kim.

Governor Browny Salvador of Ngarchelong State, who was introduced to Dr. Kim through a Korean businessman invited the Paju medical team to Palau after a visit to their hospital.

“This was made possible by Governor Salvador and Palau’s Ministry of Health.  We are very thankful to the Ministry of Health for working with us and allowing us to use this facility to conduct the services. We are also very thankful for the support of all the local hospital staff and Governor Salvador and the Customs Office for helping us and allowing us to bring these very heavy equipment in so that we can perform the services,” expressed Dr. Hyun-Seung Kim.

Asked if they plan to return to Palau again and they said that they were already planning to come back next year.

Paju Hospital is one of the top two hospitals out of the 80 national hospitals in South Korea. [/restrict]