August 21, 2017- The Republic of Palau Ministry of Health (MOH) – Division of Oral Health had an opportunity to share their talents with the Korean Dental Mission Team that was recently in Palau providing dental care services. The team, led by Dr. Choi Sen Won, was comprised of six (6) dentists and one (1) dental lab technician. The dental mission & volunteer community services aimed to improve the oral health status of Palau. Members of the team conducted the mission during their vacation time and were accompanied by their family members. [restrict

The Korean Dental Team provided care to a total of a 199 patients: 49% Filipinos, 37% Palauans, 8% Koreans, 2% Chinese, and 1% others (Bangladesh, Indonesians, Asian, Yapese, Nigerians, and Nepalese). Dental care services offered included

diagnostics (exams), periodontics, restorative (filling), teeth cleaning, endodontic (root canal therapy), oral surgeries (extraction), dentures, implants, and education about oral health & long-term prevention. Toothpastes and toothbrushes were also distributed to patients. Unique cases involved two patients needing implants and others needing prosthetics (dentures).

The Korean Dental Mission was held in the afternoon of Friday, August 11, 2017 then continued on Monday, August 14, 2017 and Tuesday, August 15, 2017. Four (4) dentists performed oral care services at Ngarachamayong and two (2) were assisting with the Dental Clinic at the Belau National Hospital.

The Ministry of Health would like to express its thanks & appreciation to Dr. Choi Sei Won, Dr. Lee Jung Youn, Dr. Oh Jae Kwen, Dr. Hong Jung Ah, Dr. Kim Hee Kwang, Dr. Kim Hye Jung, Mr. Ji Young Min, and their families who accompanied the team. The assistance offered to the community of Palau is more than greatly appreciated, especially by the MOH Dental Team that greatly supports the importance of proper oral health habits and practices. The MOH Oral Health Division is confident that the collaboration will strengthen the long & warm friendship between the Republic of Palau Ministry of Health and the Korean Dental Mission Team. Thank you again for volunteering your time and for your generous contribution.

The MOH Oral Health Division also received generous donations of dentures and implant from the team. The donations are valued at approximately $6,241. These donated items will support our effort to continue improving oral health status for the residents of Palau. [/restrict]