By: L.N. Reklai

January 9, 2018 (Koror, Palau) Koror State governor-elect Franco Gibbons and 17 legislator elects will be taking Oath of Office today. 


Koror State legislator-elects include the five at large winners, Alan Marbou, Jason Nolan, Jennifer Sugiyama, Vierra Toribiong and Ann Pedro.  Devon Andreas, candidate-elect for Iyebukl, , Kyonori Tellames, candidate-elect for Idid , Rodney Omelau for Meketii , Vann Isaac for Ikelau and  Felix Francisco for Ngerbeched.  Legislator-elect Tange Mariur for Dngeronger and Jennifer Akiwo, the only unchallenged candidate for Madalii. Leorry Ngiramouwai for Meyuns and Ignacio Rengublai for Ngerkebesang. Wilson Ngirausui will be sworn in again for Ngermid and Polycarp Marsil for Ngerkesoaol. Finally, Ngiratecheboet Eberdong will be sworn-in for Ngerchemai.

Ngaraard State legislator-elects will take their oaths of Office today as well. Leading four candidates for Ngaraard Legislature at Large are Keizy Shiro ,Victoria Maui, Dwight Alexander and Wilbert Ngirakamerang.

County representatives are Saburo Remoket for Choll County, Johnson Saikemal for Elab, Sharp Sakuma for Ngebuked, John Temengil for Ulimang and Lucia Umerang Franz for Ngkeklau.

Swearing in ceremony will be held in Ngaraard State.  New officers will be appointed and sworn in on the same day.  Earlier reports indicate that Wilbert Ngirakemerang will be the speaker.  He is the only incumbent that got reelected.  All other At large legislator-elects are new. [/restrict]