By: L.N. Reklai

“I felt anxious, alone but excited,” said Breeana Blalock, a young American lady, who started a long road trip to search for her roots in a hidden past in Palau. Ms.Blalock arrives from Boston on December 15th to find out what she can of her father’s possible roots.


“When I was almost 18, my father, William Blalock, told me that a woman he didn’t know had called him to share a burden she has been carrying with her for many years.  The lady didn’t tell him who she was but told him that he was one of many children taken from Micronesia and given to American parents to adopt.  He was from Palau and the name Blalock was given to him as it was as close to his original parent’s name.  His birth certificate was made up with false information about his parents.”

William Blalock knew he was adopted because he didn’t look like his siblings but he had no idea about Palau.

Ms. Breena Blalock said her father had gotten involved with drugs when he was younger and was imprisoned for many years but when he got out, he would come and take her and her siblings camping.  It was in one such time that he told her about the phone call.

She said she didn’t think about it until after 9/11 when she heard on the news that Republic of Palau was extending its condolences and support to the victims of 9/11. The name Palau brought back what her father had told her.

“I started thinking about it.  I couldn’t talk to my mother and mother’s family.  They didn’t understand why I needed to know.  My mother’s family is very proud of their white English heritage and we didn’t have much in common.”

She said she got in touch with some Palauans in the US but then moved to Boston and lost touch for a while.  She then started to talk more about her desire to find out about her father’s past and her heritage as well.

“No one really understood when I told them about it and I felt alone. When I decided to come to Palau, I broke down and cried.  I felt really sad for my dad, not able to come and find out for himself.  I’ve not seen him for almost 10 years or even talked to him.  I don’t even know where he is now.”

“Before the plane landed, I was in tears.  I was anxious, excited and nervous not knowing what’s going to happen.  People are very welcoming, telling me who to talk to and taking time to talk to me. I am not building my hopes up but I am talking to as many people as i can. ”

Breeana Blalock says her father’s birth certificate say he was born in 1951. He may have been adopted as a baby because he had no recollection of Palau or anything to do with Palau.  The woman that called him confirmed the same but that he was born in Palau. Her father was adopted by white American couples.

Ms.Blalock has returned to the U.S. but anyone who may want to discuss this with her or have anything to share, may contact her at her email address [/restrict]