Koror State House of Traditional Leaders (HOTL) made up of Ngarameketii and Rubekul Kldeu, said they have warned 30 individuals “who are not seating members of the traditional body and yet call themselves and others, traditional titles reserved for HOTL members in public gatherings and media announcements.”

The traditional body reiterated in their warning that Koror State Constitution grants them “full supreme authority over all traditional matters to the HOTL).”

Based on this authority, HOTL said they’ve enacted a policy to ensure that only those that have gone through the traditional process and “approved accordingly”, “earn the right to be called a HOTL reserved traditional title.”

Anyone found violating the HOTL policy will either be called to HOTL to “answer for their disrespect” and be fined according to traditional law.  If this is not resolved, HOTL said they would sue at the Court of Law.

The letter of warning also calls on the women of Koror clans to help the problem with the traditional titles.

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