Rock Islands

In celebration of Palau’s Independence, Koror citizens in Guam  through their Koror Club of Guam  group donated $2,000 toward improvement of Chol ra Kesiil Rock Island of Koror State.

The club led by its president Luis Ilek gave the check to Speaker Alan Marbou who attended the celebration upon request of the Koror Club of Guam.

Koror Club of Guam adopted Chol ra Kesiil during Governor Adachi’s term to improve and maintain for the local residents use.    The funds donated will go toward improvements of the rock islands and its facilities.

Speaker Marbou on a phone interview with Island Times said that this was not the first time that the Koror Club has donated to Koror State.

“Last year they donated wheelchairs to Koror State’s elderly and as well as the hospital,” added Marbou.

Speaker Marbou said that he thank the Koror Club members on behalf of Koror State Government for their continued love and support of their State, even while living far from home.