(Koror, Palau) Investigation into the reported incident in Koror Jail early this month of alleged sexual contact between a murder convict Amador Osima and a juvenile inmate resulted in a temporary suspension of the Chief of Corrections and indefinite suspensions of two lieutenants in the Department of Corrections.
According to a report from the Ministry of Justice, Chief Ricky Ngiraked was suspended without pay for three days, January 18-20, and has resumed work. The two police lieutenants Norman Bintorio and Monica Rsei were suspended indefinitely without pay, pending criminal investigation into their alleged misconduct. Chief Favian Ngiramengior is now overseeing Koror Jail operations.
The report of the alleged sexual assault of a minor inmate in juvenile detention by convicted murderer and rapist Amador Osima led to a criminal and administrative investigation of the Division of Corrections.
The juvenile was relocated to another location away from the Koror jail and placed under police security 24/7. The medical results of the minor inmate’s examination showed that she was not pregnant and that there were “no signs of any sexual assault (injuries) or signs of recent intercourse.”
The investigation wrap-up is expected within two weeks and the results will be forwarded to the Office of the Attorney General.

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