The Ngara Maibrel women’s group of Koror visited the Ministry of Justice’s Division of Corrections on November 20, 2019 and donated five cases of 22#s chicken, five sacks of 50# rice and a sack of onions for the prisoners.

Koror Maibrel has been doing this humanitarian gesture for many years and usually at this time of year especially as we prepare to enter the festive spirit of the coming Holidays, this according to Mrs. Elicita Morei, one of the leaders of the women’s organization.

Mrs. Morei was accompanied by seven other members of the Maibrel group to visit and deliver the donations with the hope that the prisoners, although criminals as they are, they are still some of us and deserve to be treated as part of God’s human race.

Mrs. Morei, in her remarks on behalf of the Ngara Maibrel, expressed their wishful thoughts and hopes for the unfortunate children, relatives and friends in prison and to continue their donation effort every year.

The entire Ministry of Justice’s family wish to join the Maibrel of Koror and wish our prison population a Happy Thanksgiving and the upcoming holiday season of giving and forgiving.

The Office of the Vice President and Minister of Justice acknowledged and thanked the Ngara Maibrel of Koror for their many contributions over the years and their continued support to the Ministry of Justice especially the Division of Corrections. (PR)