Koror State’s first gubernatorial primary election is going on today to pick the two top vote-getters for the Koror State 12th General Election in November and it is being conducted under the “new normal”, practicing safety measures under pandemic conditions while voting.

Notice from Palau Election Commission mandates that anyone entering to vote in any of the designated polling places must wear a mask and sanitize before going into polling place.  No one can be allowed to enter to vote without a mask. 

This election will only select 2 out of the 5 contenders for the November General Election ballot.  The five (5) contenders are Alan Marbou, Eyos Rudimch, Franco Gibbons, Jennifer Sugiyama, and Yoshitaka Adachi.

This will be the first run-off election for governor after KSL bill number 11-51, LD1 became law through legislative override this year. 

The Appellate Court of the Palau Supreme Court in 2017 invalidated Koror State Law K6-123-2001 that set the date of the run-off election to December, a month after the general election.  (By: L.N. Reklai)

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