Koror State Government received two brand new garbage trucks from the Republic of China, Taiwan, yesterday, January 12, 2023.

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“The truck request has been out there for a couple of years now.  We worked with the previous ambassador, and now, the request has fallen through, and we are receiving the trucks,” Governor Eyos Rudimch of Koror State explained.

The two large brand-new trucks will go into service to replace two that have broken down. 

Koror State Government collects waste from all its residences for free, and segregates and recycles it.  What can’t be recycled is taken to the national solid waste site in Aimeliik.  Commercial entities or government agencies contract out waste collection to private collectors.

Ambassador Jessica Lee of the Republic of China – Taiwan presented the donations on behalf of her country to the people and government of Koror State.

Governor Rudimch thanked the Government of Taiwan on behalf of the Koror State Government for helping to support the lives and well-being of the citizens and residents of Koror State.  Ngircheteet Roman Yano, on behalf of the House of Traditional Leaders, extended their appreciation to the Republic of China for their support.

Representatives of Koror House of Traditional Leaders, State Legislature, and Maiberel (women’s group) witnessed the simple ceremony and turnover of keys to the State Governor.

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