A beautiful sunny day greeted Koror State’s 40th Constitution Day celebration, held on Saturday, 21st of October, 2023, at Long Island Park (Ngermalk)  in Malakal, Koror.

The event featured speeches recognizing the framers of Koror’s constitution and Koror’s rich history.  It featured dances from each hamlet of Koror State, singing competitions, live bands, giveaways, free lunch, and games.

“We recognized our framers but also wanted to enjoy the day. Let’s enjoy and relax with our families,” expressed Governor Eyos Rudimch as he went from tent to tent, meeting Koror citizens and residents.

Brightly colored uniforms of Maiberel, Ipang-Seineng, and dancers from every hamlet added to the brightness of the occasion.

The celebration continued into the evening, merging into the bi-weekly night market, usually held at Airai-side of KB Bridge, but was moved to Long Island to join with Koror State’s 40th Constitution Anniversary.

Sales of food and local goods continued into the night. Music and dance performances kept the event lively until the end.  (By: L.N. Reklai)

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