Tallying of absentees, walk-ins, and confined ballots of the Koror State’s Gubernatorial Primary Election is today, October 5, 2021.

According to Palau Election Commission, 262 absentee ballots were sent out and as of yesterday, October 4, only 47 have been received.  In addition to the absentee, there were 36 walk-in votes.  These were people who left before the primary election day of September 28 and were able to cast their votes before leaving the island.  Also to be tabulated are the 94 confined ballots taken on the election day from people who were unable to go to polling places due to debilitating illness or physical handicap that affects their mobility.  This includes elderlies who are not mobile as well.

Altogether, a total of 177 votes will be tallied and it is expected that these will be spread between the five (5) gubernatorial candidates.

Unofficial results of the Koror State primary election showed candidate Eyos Rudimch leading with 995 votes, followed by Alan Marbou with 571 votes, Yoshitaka Adachi with 507 votes, Franco Gibbons with 439, and Jennifer Sugiyama with 282.  With Rudimch ahead of Marbou by 424 votes, the absentee tally will not affect Rudimch’s leading position in this primary.  Whereas, the difference between Marbou and Adachi of 64 votes is narrow enough that the outcome is not too predictable.  With only 177 ballots remaining to be tallied, it is difficult for the two remaining candidates to beat the odds.

Today, after the final tally, the final candidates for Koror State governor will be confirmed. (By: L.N. Reklai)

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