Candidates with signage in Koror State with “temporary signage permit” from Koror States Building and Zoning Office must remove their signs on the midnight before their affected election day or request through a letter to “just cover” the signs.
All signage must be removed midnight before primary election on September 22,2020 and permittee must reapply if they wish to put up the sign again.
“Those who would wish to just cover their signs must write a letter to Building and Zoning office.” said Joleen Ngoriakl
“Only those candidates that are affected by the primary, have to remove their signs. Other running candidates are exempted from sign removal. All candidates have been notified about their signs before the agreed date midnight September 22. So far Surangel Jr. amongst the four candidates have written a letter of permission to just cover the signs” said Executive Officer Ms. M. Maggy Antonio
Koror State Law KSPL Bill No. 7-11,LDL, HD1 Section 3, Letter B requires that all candidates remove all campaign material by midnight before campaign elections to prevent campaign swayers from influencing voters.
“We also require them to reapply the permit if they wish to put up their signs after the primary because September 22 is the expiration of that permit,”
“We are allowing the request of covering signs because there is a confidential written memorandum form given by lawmakers that allows the permittee to just to cover the signs upon a written request” according to Ms. Antonio.
“We have a lot of people on site now to see these conditions follow through and that’s why we require all removal unless they request to just cover” said BZO officer.
Koror State temporary signage permit requires these following conditions, such as sign must allow at least 8 feet setback from public road, depending on location but none shall be in 25 feet of any corner clearance in all intersections, none should not be a nuisance to the public and lastly permittee must sign a BZO release and indemnification agreement to indemnify the KSG for unpermitted use of land and before any permits can be granted.

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