Image by 41330 from Pixabay

The Koror State Government (KSG) has formed a special team dedicated to address the growing number of dengue cases that are mostly concentrated in the state, the most populated state in Palau.

KSG Chief of Staff Joleen Ngoriakl told the Times that there are currently over 50 employees from the state government’s executive branch that were formed to work in the dengue clean-up initiative.

An Incident Command System (ICS), headed by Ngoriakl, was formed to work in the fields and in the areas of logistics and finance as part of the initiative to combat dengue outbreak.

“It’s not an easy endeavor and a systematic organization is required in order to work effectively while efficiently utilizing the limited resources,” Ngoriakl said.

Town hall meetings are also conducted by the Koror State Legislature and the Ministry of Health (MOH) in 11 hamlets of Koror to educate the people about preventive measures against dengue.

Representatives from the KSG Sanitation and Solid Waste Management office are also answering the public’s query about the cleanup operation.

Ngoriakl said that they started the cleaup drives in May after Koror State Governor Franco Gibbons issued a directive to step up the operations on destroying potential breeding grounds of mosquitos.

Continues rise of dengue cases had prompted the team to conduct hamlet-focused initiatives, saying “information is key” in this effort.

The MOH has also helped them explain to the public the medical aspect of dealing dengue, Ngoriakl explained.

“It’s been a huge help because the people can better understand symptoms of the disease and recommended actions should they suspect it. We need partnerships such as these if we’re really serious about tackling dengue,” Ngoriakl said.

The latest situation report of the MOH reveals that there are new 32 dengue cases recorded between August 12-18, bringing the current total number of dengue cases to 516 since December 1. Only one person had been reported dead due to dengue.

Out of the total number of dengue cases, 376 of those who contracted dengue virus were from Koror State.