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On Monday this week, the police responded to a complaint and caught about six minors smoking marijuana at the Long Island Park.

Initially Island Times reached out to take statements from the officials, Patrol Chief and Acting Director at Bureau of Public Safety Fave Ngiramengior said that there were 100 children caught at the park.

However, the witnesses who visit the park on regular basis said that there were only three cars and more or less 15 children who were caught by the officials.

When verified with BPS Acting Director Ngiramengior, he took back his statement and said that there were six children who were caught but not all of them were smoking marijuana.

He refused to answer any further questions about the case and what action was taken by the authorities.

Island Times reached out to the residents of Palau to ask about their opinion on marijuana being illegal.

One of the residents of Palau who works at Koror State as a Plumber and does not wish to be named said that marijuana should be legal in Palau as he believes people turn to meth in order to not get caught as it does not smell and marijuana smells.

He also added that he is a marijuana consumer and smokes it before sleeping. Another resident who witnessed police intervention at the park said that marijuana should be legal but it needs to have an age restriction of 21 and up.

However, in previous interview with Island Times, Ismael Aguon spoke about the legalities of marijuana and said, “We cannot do the same mistake with marijuana as we did with alcohol.” (By Eshan Kalyanikar)