Late Delegate Marino Ngemaes of Aimeliik State is honored in the House Joint Resolution 11-45-10S for his contributions as a member of Palau’s 9th and 10th Olbiil era Kelulau (congress) to the Republic of Palau. 

The resolution also conveys heartfelt sympathies to his family, relatives, and the people of Aimeliik State for the untimely passing of late Delegate Marino Ngemaes.

“Be it resolved, by the House of Delegates of the Eleventh Olbiil Era Kelulau, with Senate concurring, that the Eleventh Olbiil Era Kelulau hereby conveys heartfelt sympathies and condolences to the family, relatives, friends, and the people of Aimeliik State and the Republic of Palau for the untimely passing of the late Honorable Marino Oiterong Ngemaes, who served as Delegate of Aimeliik State in the Ninth Olbiil Era Kelulau and the Tenth Olbiil Era Kelulau and to commend, honor and memorialize his commitment to public service and his valuable contributions to the people and the Republic of Palau.” Resolution states.

Prior to his public service, the late Honorable Marino Ngemaes worked for Continental Airlines and United Airlines, both in Palau and abroad, clocking in for nearly 24 years.  During the last 7 years of his 24-year career, he served as General Manager for United Airlines in Palau.

While in the private sector, he also served on the Palau Chamber of Commerce and the Palau Accountancy Board of Directors.

During his term in the Ninth and the Tenth OEK, he served in many House Committees, including those where he served as Chairman and Vice Chairman.  He served as Chairman of the House Committee on Tourism and Aviation and vice Chairman of the House Committee on Commerce and Trade.

The Resolution further states that the late Honorable Ngemaes co-sponsored forty-two bills, of which 15 he authored himself.  One of the noted accomplishments was the implementation of the Pristine Paradise Environmental Fee.  It said he was instrumental in including the PPEF in the airline tickets.

Recognizing and extending condolences to late delegate Ngemaes’s family, the resolution recognized his wife Dee Lola Ngemaes, son Okiis Harry Ngemaes, and daughters Oreng Ngemaes and Loma Ngemaes.  It also recognized his siblings Obrien Ngemaes, Clinton Ngemaes, Dr. Debbie Maddison, and his twin Maria Ngemaes.

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