ANGAUR (Feb. 6, 2022) – Yesterday, February 5, 2022, Ucheliaur officially launched its Taiwan Small Grant Program Project for 2022. Entitled the Angaur Historical/Fishing Site Restoration and Preservation Project, this initiative is the Angaur Youth’s attempt to curb the ongoing crisis that is marine pollution and to ensure that the fishing sites utilized by our ancestors to sustain our community continue to be accessible to all Angaurians. This project consists of three parts: (1) the landscaping of fishing sites, (2) the clean up of select beach areas, (3) the implementation of a start-up recycling system with public recycling bins and with the marine debris collected. Specifications for each of these three parts will all be explained in-depth as the project continues.

Yesterday, for the project’s launching, we performed our initial clean-up of Blil a Dub, a well known fishing site in Angaur State. Addressing the first aspect of the project (the landscaping of fishing sites), this is merely the start of a series of clean ups in this site. It is our hope that this key fishing site will continue to serve the Angaur community well into the future just as well as it has served the community in the past.

We would like to thank the following individuals for assisting in the first round of clean ups: Emau, Andrea, Jim, Kymani, Kyomasa, LaCroix, Vincent, Olkael, Dilmers, Jamal, Weber, Legislator Elizabeth, and Ngara Lukes’ representatives, Lala and Mamang Elsie. Further thanks is offered to the People of the Republic of China (Taiwan) for their generous support. We would also like to acknowledge Ebil ra Klubed Angie Omie Sumang for her support of this project as well.

For more information about Ucheliaur and this project you can contact (680) 775-4322 or (680) 775-1015.

*DISCLAIMER – Ucheliaur, in doing its part to combat this ongoing COVID-19 crisis, provided mask, alcohol, and hand sanitizers, as well as encouraged social distancing for participants, and required masks wearing during the initial briefing.

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