By: L.N. Reklai

December 27, 2016 (Koror, Palau) A complaint has been filed at court against delegate-elect Lencter Basilius and Palau Election Commission, seeking to disqualify Basilius based on his alleged dual citizenship status.

The plaintiffs, Margaret Kodep, Salustia Mira, Johnson Demei and Clifton Rubasech, citizens of Melekeok State alleged that Basilius violated the 10th Amendment of Palau Constitution which states that in order to be eligible to run for Olbiil Era Kelulau, a person must be a citizen of Palau only. [restrict]

According to the complaint, Mr. Lencter Basilius haven’t received Certificate of Loss of Nationality from the United States which would clarify that he is a citizen of Palau only.

A letter from Daniel Katz of the US Embassy in Palau, sent on September 28, 2016 states that Mr. Basilius has applied to denounce his citizenship but it was still being reviewed.

Documents from Election Commission requested by the plaintiffs show that Basilius had signed an affidavit ascertaining his citizenship to be Palau only and had submitted copy of his Palauan passport and copy of letter from Mr. Katz of US Embassy.

The complaint alleges that Mr. Lencter Basilius is still a dual citizen because he has not received his Certificate of Loss of Nationality from United States and therefore was not eligible to run for Olbiil Era Kelulau.

In doing so, states the complaint, he had violated the Constitution and “robbed plaintiffs of a fair election and have deprived them of their voting franchise.”

The complaint seeks to nullify delegate-elect Lencter Basilius and declare him unqualified as candidate. [./restrict]