March 28, 2017

Dear Editor,

The heartbroken family and relatives of the late Clifford “Cliff” Ngirchomlei would like to respond to a recent front page news article published in Tia Belau newspaper reporting unverified, baseless rumors that our beloved Cliff was “reported to have been kicked out months before by relatives whose house was nearby”.  

[restrict] This particular sensational statement was tasteless and downright false, and more sickening, calls to question the credibility and factual gathering processes of reporting sensitive information and how far one will go for profit seeking motives. The deeply saddened family of Cliff would like to set the record straight that he was very much loved, cared for and was never at any point, kicked out or dislocated from a loving home or supporting family. He was smart, educated, well-read, and a loving, witty man who was quick to share any of his good fortunes with anyone around him, especially his family. After tireless attempts to overcome alcoholism, the most recent struggle involving three long days of withdrawal bouts, he succumbed to his untimely passing. Alcoholism is a deadly plague which we know too well has affected far too many families in our island. By the same token, we extend our heartfelt, deep condolences to all those families who have lost a loved one to this unfortunate experience, as we mourn and grieve the passing of our treasured brother, cousin, son, uncle and friend. There are no words to describe how much we love our Cliff and how much his passing will affect us. We will always and forever love and cherish his memories and Cliff will always, ALWAYS have a home in our hearts and in Ngerbeched.


The Family of Cliff Ngirchomlei