Lincoln Rehm, a PICRC researcher, has also returned home to conduct research for his PhD. Lincoln is currently attending Drexel University in Pennsylvania, USA, where he is pursuing his PhD in Environmental Science. Lincoln’s work in the next couple of months at PICRC is a continuation of his own research project on clams.


During his previous employment at PICRC, he had worked with Dr. Alison Sweeney of the University of Pennsylvania, planting giant clams in three states: Ngarchelong, Ngardmau, and Ngatpang. While he is back, he is checking his clams, repairing the cages, and making sure they are in good condition. He is looking at the clam growth and health, in relation to the varying nutrient levels at the sites. In doing so, Lincoln is collecting water samples at these sites and filtering them to figure out the nutrient levels at the three sites. Additionally, he is also starting another project in his PhD, in which he is researching the effects of varying nutrient concentrations on the clam’s mantle tissue.

Lincoln has completed a year of his PhD program, leaving him with three more years before the completion of his program.

PICRC continues to support its researchers’ education and research efforts and look forward to their return to PICRC, where they will resume their position as full time researchers. [/restrict]