Evelyn Otto, a PICRC researcher, has returned home to conduct research for her Master’s program at the Palau International Coral Reef Center. Evelyn is currently attending the University of Ryukyus in Okinawa, Japan, working towards her Master’s Degree in Marine Biology. As part of her course of study, she is required to conduct a research project, for which she decided to do in Palau. Evelyn arrived the end of August and will remain at the Center until mid-October.[restrict]

During her time here at PICRC, Evelyn is studying the effects of sewage outflow on corals at the Malakal outflow pipe.  In order to do so, she is collecting water samples and looking at the nutrient levels in the water. Additionally, she is transplanting corals from around the sewage outflow pipe to a site not affected by sewage outflow that is nearby. With this, she will get an understanding of the effects of high nutrient levels on coral health and growth.

After she concludes her research, she will return to Okinawa to continue with her Master’s program. Evelyn has completed about 6 months of her program, leaving her with a year and a half more before completing her program and obtaining her Master’s Degree.

PICRC is continually supporting its researchers’ education and encourages them to return and conduct research when they have the opportunity.  PICRC looks forward to Evelyn’s return after she completes her Master’s program to take on her position as a full time researcher at the Center. [restrict]