By Francis Talasasa

Heated campaigns with anti-Government statements released on media outlets has pressed the Office of the President to call for a review to determine the validity and accuracy of statements made by two Presidential candidates Senator Surangel Whipps Jr. and Vice President, Minister of Justice Antonio Bells during talk shows they delivered at radio stations, Diaz Broadcasting Company and Palau Wave Radio recently.


Press Secretary to the Office of the President Okeriil Kazuo in a letter to the Director of Bureau of Commercial Development, Ministry of Public Infrastructure, made request to obtain copies of the radio talk shows for further reviews citing the need to review accuracy and factual basis of statements released.

The Presidential Press said “Particular remarks include, but are not limited to, the Palau National Sanctuary Office’s financial performances and expenditures, the Palau National Marine Sanctuary Executive Committee’s fiduciary Responsibilities to the Fisheries Protection Trust Fund and related legal obligations of the committee”.

In addition, further misguiding statements may have been made on nationally broadcast radio stations and their alternate media subsidiaries and affiliates regarding the Ministry of Finance’s on its utilization of (ROC) Taiwan’s stimulus funding to the republic of Palau.

“As Press Secretary of the Office of the President, it is part of my duty to ensure that information regarding the Palau National Government and our diplomatic partners being disseminated, stated, or delivered to the Palauan people and the general public are accurate and have factual basis”, stated Press Secretary Olkeriil Kazuo [/restrict]