By: L.N. Reklai

Officer of Land & Survey Ngirakerkuk Debed Luii denied accusations made by Mr. Moses Yobech accusing him of unlawfully using his official position to alter official records.

Mr. Luii, through his attorney, sent a letter to Mr. Moses Yobech demanding he retracts his statements and offer public apology to him and his clan of Kerkur for such statements.

According to the letter, the act that Mr. Yobech accused him of committing was a court order instructing Bureau of Land and Survey personnel to “superimpose on the Court’s exhibit 1” the portion of Kerkur’s claim 83 on the map.


A copy of court order dated June 13, 2012, signed by Land Court Judge Rosemary Skebong,  directed Bureau of Land & Survey to superimpose claim number 83 on worksheet 2005 B 07, a map referred to as Court exhibit 1, was attached to letter to Mr. Yobech.

“ have made this accusation publicly on Tia Belau Newspaper and caused me grief in my workplace,” stated Mr. Luii’s letter to Yobech.

Furthermore, Mr. Luii stated that the accusations are grounds for libel and slander suit and if no action is taken, he will pursue the matter.

In a letter to BLS Director Gabriel, Mr. Yobech had urged her to discipline or prosecute Mr. Luii for the alleged wrong doing. Mr. Yobech quoted statements from a land court finding where a BLS surveyor stated that he was instructed by Ngirakerkuk Debed Luii to superimpose their claim on the court exhibit.

The exchange occurred after the recent ruling of Land Court issued on August 9, 2016 issuing the Determination of Ownership of Claim 83, shown on BLS Worksheet No. 2005B 07 to Koror State Public Land Authority.

The area claimed is located in portion of Ngerbeched to Medalaii,  comprising of many lots along Koror main road, across from PCC and PHS all the way Medalaii.    There are 11 claimants consisting of 5 clans, hamlet council of chiefs, four individuals and KSPLA. [/restrict]