By Francis Talasasa

A man was charged on two counts after incidents at Yyebukel in Koror on August 12, 2016.

He appeared before the court on September 9 and was charged on one count of terroristic threatening in a second degree and one count of reckless driving with gross, willful or wanton disregard.


 The court heard that the accused was driving in a very speed and careless manner. According to a witness, he said he told the accused to slow down the vehicle but the accused refused, instead he stopped the vehicle at the middle of the road and pulled out a machete and chased the witness. The witness said he escaped and ran for safety. After awhile the accused got back into his vehicle and left the scene.

Numerous witnesses said the person was driving very dangerously. There are two similar incidents that happened in two different occasions earlier, they said.

Based on information collected and actions of the accused, the court charged the accused on count one, a penalty of 1 year imprisonment or 1000 fine or both and an imprisonment of 30 days or 100 fine or both on count two. [/restrict]