From the left - consul general Enna Kerradel Jose, VP Senior, Annie Marie Sanchez, President of Agat Guamerica Lions Club, and Sumie Kuba - former District Governor of District 204, Lions Club International, VP Senior.

Supporting efforts to save lives, especially of small children, Lions Club International, Agat Guamerica Lions Club and Nagoya Chikusa Lions Club of Japan are donating car seats and booster seats to Palau through the Palau S.A.F.E.Committee led by First Lady Valerie Whipps.

Vice President Uduch Sengebau-Senior is in Guam this week to receive the donations. 

Palau SAFE (Seatbelts Are For Everyone) Committee, through its Chairwoman First Lady Valerie Whipps, has requested help from Lions Club International to provide safe baby car seats for families in Palau who cannot afford the expensive seats for their children.  Palau Red Cross has indicated that 88 car seats are needed, 23 rear-facing car seats, 49 forward-facing car seats and 16 booster seats.

District 204, Lions Club International and Agat Guamerica Lions Club donated fourteen (14) new car seats and seven (7) new boosters, handed over yesterday to Vice President Senior.

A letter of pledge from Nagoya Chikusa Lions Club of Japan, committing to sending over 100 car seats to the SAFE Committee was also handed to Vice President Uduch Sengebau-Senior.  The donations from Japan are expected to arrive in September, according to Vice President Senior.

Palau SAFE Committee seeks to educate and raise awareness about the use of seatbelts and baby car seats before the law requiring both goes into effect this September.

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