A sengsond a mrecherchii a klengoes. -Palauan Proverb. (Translation: Even with twigs a pot of fish (soup) can be cooked).

It takes every member of the team to achieve the goal of the team no matter how small they are.

If you think you’re such a big deal you don’t belong in the team. If you’re the smartest one in the room, leave the room.

In 1962, President John F. Kennedy visited NASA for the first time. During his tour of the facility, he met a janitor who was carrying a broom down the hallway. The President then casually asked the janitor what he did for NASA, and the janitor replied, “I’m helping put a man on the moon.”

Great Basketball team wins because of each member of the team. And because they have a good coach. In 1998, a movie, Hoosiers came out about a small town basketball team from Hickory, Indiana. They were underdogs, smaller in size that went to win the state championship. The new coach was a former college coach who was fired for slapping a player on the face. But he was hired to replace an alcoholic coach in rehab. It seems the new coach was hired as if engdi mlo melnget a teu. He found the alcoholic coach and brought him in as his assistant coach.  They went on to win the state championship. Find the movie and see how good team and a good leader plays out on the screen. Learning from their mistakes- anger sbd alcoholism. A good player passes the ball if they want to win the game. And never underestimate the smallest member of the team. That the past doesn’t have to conttol your present.

Albert EINSTEIN said, “The only thing more dangerous than ignorance is arrogance.” You’re not that big-a-deal without the team. In his wonderful book, the ROAD LESS TRAVELED, Dr. M. SCOTT PECK writes about how things happen because of a long chain of many who did their part to develop something bigger and better. I mean someone made the typewriter to write on the paper that someone had to go cut the tree  a truck driver hauled it to the mill for others to saw with a machine another made at the end of the line to make the paper and so on and so forth. I’ve quoted many who had gone before us with great wisdom. Wisdom is learned through hard living life. No idea is a new idea. We all treasure freedom. Mistakes are not crippling if we learn lessons from them. I know I learned tremendous lessons of life from my own mistakes. But more from others. Sometimes I forget as our subconscious sabotage us on the way to freedom.

Team can’t thrive without a good coach. A great leader brings out the best in the team members.

I worked for a Federal Government Agency for over 20 years. There were rules and etiquette in communications that reminded everyone they are free to be themselves doing their best for the team as well their people, the government. This was vital because everyone knew they’re working for the people. For themselves. A uchul eng morngii a corruption a oungerachl amo omdasue el kmong kloklel. That’s fear talking. Because we the people are the government, we respect one another. We become genuine lovers of ourselves unselfishly, not egotistic and arrogant. We do to others what we want others to do to us.  Because the leader of the team is not the owner but a manager, no one is to lord over another but guide the team to reach the goal. When you know your  place, you thrive. Fear could be that you became the boss because of who you know, not what you know and shame can destroy your environment.  This is the ground for office gossip and cliques of haters and the elites.

In business school we were required to read books by Kenneth Blanchard on business management and leadership. He wrote a ONE MINUTE MANAGER. The credo or the principle of the one-minute manager rests on the  implementation of three ideas, namely: the need to establish clear-cut goals, the need to praise good performance, and the need to reprimand people when their performance fails to contribute to the attainment of commonly agreed goals. This three basic ideas are known as the three secrets of the one-minute manager, namely: one-minute goals, one-minute praisings and one-minute reprimands.

When goal is NOT clear for each member of the team, there will be chaos. That it’s so important,  otherwise team members will be clamoring either for or against the leadership.

Sometimes it’s best to leave your politics outside the door.

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