Koror, Palau – Local employers witnessed Palauan college students received 2019 Palau Fellowship Award during the Forum presentations of their summer internship experience on Friday, July 29, 2019.

Out of a total of 27 student awardees this year, 21 of them were able to share their 8-week work experience to an audience of various employers, family members, colleagues and friends. Based on the evaluations from the audience, PFA is a positive program for college students to connect their academic and technical knowledge to various workplaces in Palau.

These college interns organized and ran the Forum themselves proving to their audience that they are becoming professionals in their field and major of studies and are ready to return back to their respective colleges and universities to complete their studies and gaining their bachelor degrees.

The Palau Fellowship Award started in 2013 through RPPL 8-43 allowing Palauan college juniors and seniors studying abroad to return to home to Palau to gain first-hand work experience in an agency that is related to their field of study or major. In 2018, OEK amended the legislation through RPPL 9-43 to allow college graduates an opportunity to return home to gain permanent employment.

The Forum was sponsored by PNSB Office in collaboration with all 2019 Palau Forum Award Recipients. PNSB members and staff would like to thank the following agencies for their kind support in hosting and mentoring this year’s PFA recipients:

Office of the Public Auditor                            Palau Public Utilities Corporation

Ministry of State                                             Ministry of Health

One Reef Worldwide Stewardship                  MOF, Bureau of Budget & Planning

Palau Energy Office                                        Ebiil Society

Omkullel a Bibilia Era Belau                           Ministry of Education

Office of the Attorney General                       PAN Fund

Airai Elementary School                                  Sonsorol State Government

Palau Judiciary                                                House of Delegates, 10th OEK

Palau Red Cross Society                                  Ministry of Education

Palau Visitors’ Authority

Interested employers may contact Mr. Noe Yalap at PNSB Office at tel. 488-3608 to learn more about next year’s Palau Fellowship Award 2020. (PR)