Aimeliik State became the third recipient of the Public Finance Management (PFM) 1 on 1 Consultation through the Local Governance Strengthening Project (LGSP). The PFM 1 on 1 Consultation is a two days table top discussion facilitated by the Bureau of Domestic Affairs to provide for the adequate venue and support for the Office of the Public Auditor and Aimeliik State Leadership to review and absorb the contents of the model “State Government Standard Operating Procedures on Public Finance”.  Following the 2 days PFM 1 on 1 Consultation, the ASG key finance personnel, OPA and BDA will commence drafting of the first ever “Aimeliik State Public Finance Management Standard Operating Procedures”.

The Honorable Vice President J. Uduch Sengebau Senior officially welcomed all participants of the 2 days clinic and encouraged participants to raise questions and concerns during the Consultation. She also shared an important Penal Code 17 PNCA § 3918 Misconduct in Public Office and definition of a person who is a public official in 33 PNC section § 601 to reiterate the importance of guarding and expending public funds responsibly.

Melekeok State was the first pilot state to receive the PFM 1 on 1 Training and has officially adopted the State Government Standard Operating Procedures for Finance and is presently operating its finance department in accordance to the SOP through a resolution passed in the state legislature. Ngeremlengui followed soon afterwards with the training and is still in the training phase of application methods of the SOP and will consider adoption of the document once it is ready. Kayangel State training will follow soon after Aimeliik State.

The Palau Local Governance Strengthening Project was launched in early October 2016 to provide support to the Government of Palau and State Governments in five states to strengthen capacities at both national and sub-national levels based on the capacity issues identified in the initial assessment conducted in February 2016. The Public Finance Management training ensures that there is a promotion of Good Governance: Responsibility, Accountability, Transparency and Records/ Information Management. The Consultation was organized and facilitated by the Bureau of Domestic Affairs, Ministry of State and content materials were presented by Public Auditor Satrunino Tewid. -END-

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