Palau-based producers, artisans, artists, and “Creative-preneurs” are invited to participate in a “Biodiversity-Friendly Local Product Showcase” on payday Thursday, December 16 at Palasia Hotel from 11 am until 6 pm. The event is organized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and the Environment (MAFE) and the Palau Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with Palau Visitors Authority and Belau National Museum. 

At the Showcase, local producers will display and sell their unique agricultural, fishery, forestry, and eco-products. They will also tell their story during a day of conversations and demonstrations. Producer Profiles will be displayed and linked online.

Free support services are available to Local Producers who register for the Showcase as part of MAFE’s #RespectProducers campaign. Local Producers can get help writing and printing profiles, taking pictures for online advertising, or setting up social media or a free Google website. Registration is open until December 7th online at, by email at, or by calling 488-6212.

The Biodiversity-Friendly Local Product Showcase is open to all Palau-based producers making added-value gifts, food souvenirs, forestry products, or other products made primarily from sustainably-sourced natural materials grown, harvested, or found in Palau. Local Products can qualify for a “Biodiversity-friendly” or “Low-Carbon” label or both. “Biodiversity-Friendly” criteria include avoiding use of protected species and being sustainably harvested, and “Low-Carbon” criteria include being plastic-free and using locally-sourced materials.

According to MAFE, the #RespectProducers campaign is about “elevating the value of those who produce as an important part of our community, food system, and the economy; raising awareness and making the connection between those who produce and those who help move products within our food system; supporting the livelihoods of those who depend on the sector by buying and sharing what they produce; and most importantly, building relationships between producers, buyers, and consumers that are based on mutual respect, understanding, and trust.”

Financial support comes from the Palau Biodiversity Project (GEF6 through UNDP). The Showcase is open to all locally-based producers and GEF does not discriminate.

#BuyLocalByLocal this holiday season and show that you #RespectProducers!

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