Senator Brian P. Etscheit of Pohnpei recently attended the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) meeting in Palau to promote the warmth of One Micronesia and showcase the beautiful islands connected by pristine waters, offering diverse experiences in history, culture, and natural attractions.

Pohnpei, the second biggest delegation, comprises Floor leader Senator Abraham, Madam Senator Lekka, Director of R&D Yamata, Chief of Tourism Gallen, and Marketing Specialist Acer Apis.

Senator Etscheit quoted a local tour guide Malahi who stated that COVID had a negative impact on many lives. However, the environment truly benefited from the Covid Pandemic because it allowed nature to recover and heal itself. This positive aspect of the pandemic serves as an opportunity for the tourism industry to promote sustainable tourism practices and conservation efforts, according to Senator Etscheit.

T.H Etscheit’s perspective of the PATA meeting showcases its commitment to promoting responsible tourism and economic development in the region. Through collaboration and cooperation with other industry professionals, T.H Etscheit and his delegation plan to develop a comprehensive tourism strategy highlighting the diverse experiences and attractions that #MicrONEsia# offers. “By moving forward and always remembering the history, the culture, the tradition, and our past we can ensure our future for the next generation. Especially our children’s generation and the next generations of children to come. This is the Island way.”

Senator Etscheit expressed his gratitude to the host country, Palau highlighted by PVA and PATA’s efforts to promote tourism through collaboration and cooperation. (Contributed)

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