“I would like to bring to our community different ways of doing things,” said Elizabeth Isamu, a trainee at the small-scale fish processing training offered by the Bureau of Fisheries, Ministry of Fisheries, Agriculture and Environment (MAFE) this week.

The Bureau of Fisheries, in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), is offering locals training on various ways to prepare pelagic fish to create different food products for consumption.

The goal is to provide consumers with “safe, good-quality food that is good value for the money.”

Yesterday, the training, which is mainly hands-on, taught them how to create different flavored fish jerky from yellowfin tuna, skip jack, and blue marlin.

In addition, they will be learning how to make sausages, fish bacon and other food products from the pelagic fish.

The participants came from state co-ops, community vendors and individual food producers.

“I represent myself but also my state and our organization.  I too will be bringing back to the community what i learn here,’ said Rose of Ngerchelong NRF.

Michael Savins, Chief Technical Advisor, FishFad Project conducts the training as part of the collaboration between Palau and FAO.

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