LeBron James, the first NBA superstar to peak in the social media era, has put up with louder, more ridiculous criticism than his predecessors. At the top of that list: A serious debate of his legacy before his legacy is fully established.


Most recently that has led to Michael Jordan saying he would take Kobe Bryant over LeBron because five is more than three.

Lonzo Ball, the “savior” Lakers fans have pinned unfair hopes upon, went the other direction and took LeBron.

Good on Lonzo — saying Kobe even if he didn’t believe it was the politically safe answer to keep the always so rational Lakers fans calm. He didn’t. Ball went with what he thought. Well done.

Well, that and he might be trying to recruit LeBron a little.

Where you stand Kobe vs. LeBron debate really says more about what you value in a player. It’s not shocking Jordan would gravitate toward the guy who built his game as a Jordan tribute. LeBron has been to the Finals 8 of his 12 NBA seasons, he’s got a more rounded game than Kobe (better passer and rebounder, better at getting teammates involved), he’s been the best player in the NBA longer. Kobe got rings, was willing to take more on himself, and sold his “me against the world” brand better.

But really, maybe we should wait until LeBron’s completed his resume before we debate such things. [/restrict]