Atlantis, the most questioning place, was an island near the Pillars of Hercules about 350 BC. The story of Atlantis was revealed by Plato, a Greek philosopher, in his dialogues “Timaeus and Critias”.  

[restrict]According to him, this mysterious island was destroyed or lost due to an earthquake, but it was one of the most civilized societies at that time. Let’s see the myths of Atlantis in depth.

  1. A place of splendid architectures: Plato describes that this Atlantis island was the masterpiece of many splendid architectures at that time. There were palaces, temples, harbors and docks in this area.
  2. Capital City: the capital city of Atlantis was present on a hill with surrounded water all around. This island was connected with land by means of tunnels that was so much big that ships can move through these tunnels.
  3. Actual natural disaster: up to end of 1800, the story of lost city of Atlantis was themed as just an imaginary fiction work. Later on an American “Ignatius Donnelly” write a book on Atlantis and proved that Plato was true and this was an actual natural disaster in which city of Atlantis was lost.
  4. Location of Atlantis: there are numerous theories about exact location of Atlantis. Some people believe that this lost was present near the Andes Mountains of Bolivia. However, some say it an island near the coast of Florida.
  5. Developed Region: According to Plato, Atlantis was a developed region with very large trade set up with other nations as well as huge canals and a great set up of agriculture. [/restrict]