Mrs. Towai found after nearly four days lost in midst of Typhoon Surigae.

Relief swept family members and the community when the lost elderly lady with dementia was finally found alive, but cold after enduring five days in the woods near her home in Ngarchelong in the midst of Typhoon Surigae.
Mrs. Florence Towai Sokau was reported missing on Thursday night, April 15, and after an extended search was found Monday in the woods near her home. She was shivering and cold but alive, and was taken immediately to the hospital, according BPS Director Ismael Aguon.
An announcement issued on April 17 said that the 72-year old woman suffers from dementia and sometimes forgets where she is or where she is going, but is healthy and can walk about on her own.
Last Thursday when she was reported missing, the tropical storm Surigae had begun to pick up and was accompanied by heavy rains, and by Friday a Typhoon Watch was declared, with winds at estimated speeds of 67 to 80 miles per hour. The slow-moving storm caused a lot of damage and brought heavy rainfall all over the island, including in Ngarchelong, where the missing woman lived.
Rain and wind persisted until Saturday. Boats were deployed to search the shorelines according to yesterday’s report from the Bureau of Public Safety. 20 more law enforcement officers joined the volunteers and family members in the search, concentrating around the area where Mrs. Towai resides, and the search ultimately proved successful in locating Mrs. Sokau’s whereabouts.
An outpouring of community concerns and prayers for the elderly woman continued after she was rescued, with many expressing relief after she was discovered alive.

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