If you don’t love yourself, you’ll always be chasing after people who don’t love you either.  ~MANDY HALE

How many times do I need to be rejected to see that it’s not about them; it’s about me.  Really? I don’t love myself enough?  It’s a paradox – beyond belief.l  Are you attracted to those who make you feel used, but not loved.⁰

Love does not compare. Comparing yourself to others is like pouring acid to an open wound. The pain of rejection is an open wound. Looking across to your neighbor’s yard and admire their green grass is delusional. Love accept you as you are.

Don’t worry about others’ opinions. Those backhanded compliments are nsults wrapped in sweetness. This is when it’s not about you, it’s about them.  Just smile, bite the bullet and move on.  They don’t deserve a response. 

Allow yourself to make mistakes. And remember your value doesn’t lie in how your body looks. Don’t be afraid to let go of toxic people. They dont want you to grow and be the best version of yourself. They want you to remain under foot.

To love yourself you need to process your fears. Why do we fear a pandemic?  We’re not afraid of the virus. We are afraid to die. However, Death comes to us all,  pandemic or not, we will all die. Yes, process your fears. I see God’s love like a vast and deep ocean. No natter how I fall,  I will fall into his love. I’m safe in his love.Therefore is no fear in love. 1 John 4:18.

Trust yourself to make good decisions for yourself. Use every opportunity to increase your knowledge to take care of yourself.

The timing is never going to be perfect for that next big step in your life. The set up may not be ideal, but that shouldn’t hold you back from reaching to meet your goals and dreams. Instead, seize the moment because it may never come back.

Put yourself first (really? That sounds so selfish.)  Remember We are to love others as we love ourselves. This is so clear when you get on board the plane. The flight attendant instructs you, in case of an emergency ,– put on your oxygen mask before you help your children with their masks. How can you help a child if you’re dying for lack of oxygen.  You can’t give what you don’t have.

Don’t feel bad about doing this. Women, especially, can grow accustomed to putting others first. Although there’s a time and a place for this, it shouldn’t’ be a habit that costs you your mental or emotional well-being.

Find the time to decompress. Without decompressing and recharging you can put serious strain on yourself. Whether it’s spending the day in bed or outdoors in nature, find what helps you decompress and dedicate time to this. I pray to decompress… giving it all to my Maker. 

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