“The attendance was [a] little below 50%, as we predicted,” said Minister Dale Jenkins regarding the first day of school after four weeks of closure due to the COVID outbreak.

Jenkins said that the day went well and the students were “very happy to be back to school.”

After 4 weeks without in-classroom instruction, the Ministry of Education has announced the return to the classroom, saying that it is now safe for the students to return. Minister Jenkins said that the students have missed enough time and that their “learning is very important.”

All public schools spent a week anticipating handling the students under the “new normal” conditions by preparing classrooms, schedules, and facilities.

Under the “new normal” conditions, classrooms have been re-arranged to accommodate distancing, efforts have been made to improve ventilation, and staggered breakfast and lunchtimes have been put into effect. Additionally, disinfectants are in place within school campuses and masks are required to be worn by students and faculty.

Despite the attempts to assure parents, many still expressed fears and anxiety over their kids getting sick.

An online petition signed by over 1,000 parents sought to stop the re-opening of schools or to make the decision to attend classroom instruction optional by allowing parents to choose to homeschool their kids. (By: L.N. Reklai)

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  1. PS: I am not a parent, nor a teacher, just a mere citizen voicing out my opinion. But I also have a family member and I see what they’re experiencing because they’re afraid for the kids going back to school amidst the viral spread of this disease, infecting anyone and everyone. Sorry if I came off somewhat arrogant and rude.

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