Passengers aboard the Silver Discoverer Cruise Ship were greeted at the Malakal Port with leis and welcoming smiles On May 12, 2018.

The ship, which arrived at 9 a.m., carried 72 passengers and 102 crew members who were all very excited to arrive on our pristine island.

Some of the guests visited Palau for the first time while some were already re-visiting Palau as this already the third time that the luxury cruise line has visited our island.

The Silver Discoverer comes from the “Silver Sea” fleet of 9 ships covering all seven continents with over 900 destinations.

Guests and crew members, upon arrival, were transported by several tour companies to enjoy a one-day tour around Palau. Some crew members including Captain Kulas Tomas went on a snorkeling and dive tour with “Fish n’ Fins” and described the underwater scene in Palau as “Brilliant”.

When asked how is it compared to other places the ship has cruised, he couldn’t help but describe how clean Palau is.

The Silver Discoverer is the third cruise ship to grace Palau’s waters since the beginning of the year 2018 and the thirteenth cruise ship since 2016.

With that number growing, Palau Visitors Authority (PVA) has put more effort in engaging the community in these short visits through dance performances to the greeting or welcoming guests with coconut drinks.

The Silver Discoverer’s high-end guests showed much appreciation after a riveting performance of “Ruk” (Warrior Dance) by the Ngardmau Dancers, which left the guests enthusiastic to take photos with the warriors.

SilverSea Discoverer, at the beginning of its South Pacific Islands Route, visited Palau on May 12th and departed the following day for Vanimo, Kopar (Sepik River), Alim Island, Madang, Gorove Island, Tsoi Island, before proceeding to Honiara, Solomon Islands Port Villa, and evenutally Cairns, Australia.(PR)