The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Environment (MAFE)  is implementing several measures across the ministry to promote sustainable food production.

In a Ministerial directive last week, MAFE Minister Steven Victor directed that all orders or meals paid by the ministry shall request vendors to maximize locally grown food, use of pelagic and aquaculture fish.

The directive also urged any food orders to be plastic-free and meals “if possible;” labeled #KeledANgercheled and #RespectProducers hastags.

The directive also stated that quotation forms, requisition forms, and other forms shall be updated by December 31, 2021, to include the required measures and the hostages.

 In last month’s United Nations Food Systems Summit, Palau will take part in the implementation of The Alliance for Blue Foods to elevate the profile of aquatic foods — fish, shellfish, aquatic plants, and algae. 

 President Surengel Whipps, Jr. during his address to the 76th U.N. General Assembly. Said the country relies heavily on imported foods  

“The future is uncertain, no doubt. Amidst threat and degradation is opportunity; opportunity for us to join together to shift the power balance and define the terms on which we will protect and steward our resources for the benefit of our people,” Whipps said. ( B. Carreon) 

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