Raindrops have a reassuring rhythm that refreshes everything they touch.

I’m more into character building and restoration of hearts more than seeing miracles, signs and wonders.  I’d rather walk in the rain and breathe in the earth of her freshness and be filled with awe and wonder. Of gravity.

My faith, no matter how small it is, can move mountains. But I love mountains in their splendors and I don’t have the need to move any of them soon or ever. I’ll leave them where they are.  Mountains are so beautiful, rising high to the skies with rivers snaking around them below and over them and become waterfalls.  Rain and streams, dews and butterflies.  Bubbling fountains and birds calling. Bamboo squeaking in the wind.  Dragonflies mirroring herself over the water. 

Trees and shrubs, bushes and flowers blooming in many colors. And those fuchsia ice plants covering the hills in the spring as if dancing to the music of the falling rain. Even little puddles of water can reflect moonlight and stars at night. Yes, water dances.

The sky is blue like an umbrella of a young girl walking in the street in her flower print dress, humming a familiar tune she heard on the radio. Keep dreaming girl and dream big. Know this one thing:  You are allowed to dream, to change your mind and wear a red dress.  To feel bright and beautiful with flowers in your hair.  You are  beautiful.  You are lovable, pretty and gorgeous.

Have a good week and remember that what other people say about you is really none of your business.

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